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Best Sock Boots Under $100

Turns out Kanye West was onto something when he first introduced sock boots to the Yeezy lineup. In the seasons since, we’ve seen sock boots come up alongside sparkly heels and PVC pumps, gaining quite the following among celebrities and on social media. Now the sock-boots trend is pretty widespread: There are variations for pretty…

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Best Thigh-High Boots: Black, Suede and Over-The-Knee

Tall boots, particularly thigh-high styles, are very in. Which could have something to with pants being very out. Just two weeks ago Prada and Gucci sent models down the runway in only their underwear, while celebrities like Ariana Grande have pioneered the no-bottoms movement, opting for oversized sweatshirts worn with only thigh-high boots. If you’re…

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Best Snakeskin Boots: Knee-High, Booties, Under $250

I recently saw a pair of snakeskin boots on Instagram that changed everything for me, at least as far as my shoe-shopping goes. Typically, I spend the month of October browsing (and buying) shoes that I’d consider to be practical, like ankle boots I know I’ll wear every day. But after seeing the amount of…

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23 Wintry Ankle Boots You Can Absolutely Wear to Work

Welp, it’s snowing, raining, and/or freezing in most parts of the country, which means you have two options: (1) Strap on your chunky winter boots and change into the shoes that actually go with your outfit when you get to the office; or (2) Wear a pair of boots that protects your feet and looks…

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