Temporary RV Parking Extended But Winter Service Not Available at Abram’s Landing

According to a recent municipality announcement the temporary RV parking located at Abram’s Landing will be extended to October 31 so that options for alternative transitional housing can be developed, but it is important that residents understand that Abram’s Landing does not offer winter services. There are campgrounds which are open all year long that do offer services in the winter, and some RV residents may want to see about availability at these local locations if they plan on staying in the RV for the winter. The Alberta government, the Red Cross, and the Wood Buffalo Recovery Task Force is working to address interim housing issues and develop solutions, and further updates will be provided when more information is available.

Many residents in Wood Buffalo lost their homes when the wildfire came through, and they are now living in an RV for the time being. The temporary RV parking extension was provided in order to give these residents time to find a campground which provides winter services or to come up with alternatives for housing before the winter hits. Year round campgrounds in the area include The Lewyk Park Campground and the Tower Road Campground. To contact Lewyk Park Campground call 780-791-2267, send an email to, or visit To find out more about the Tower Road Campground call 780-715-3519, send an email to, or visit According to a recovery update over 1,150 demolition permits have been issued and the municipality has even issued some rebuild permits. A second checkpoint has also been created in Waterways for demolition heavy equipment in order to speed up the recovery process.

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