Construction Resumes on Conklin Multiplex After Rural Coalition Efforts

Construction has resumed on the Conklin Multiplex thanks to efforts by a rural coalition. The council voted to resume the project and also pledged to improve the relationship that they have with citizens from rural areas. Ron Quintal, the McKay Métis president and also one of the rural coalition leaders, gave a presentation that outlined the goals and the grievances of the coalition to the council. Quintal told the council that “We have been brought together by the fact that Conklin is a community in crisis. It is absolutely frustrating that I have to sit here and try to rally the troops.” The presentation covered the fact that Janvier and Conklin have no piped water or sewage, that the crime rates are incredibly high, the fact that business property taxes are hundreds of times the urban rate for taxes, and the lack of infrastructure and recreation in rural areas.

After the presentation by Quintal on behalf of the rural coalition the council voted 7-3 to resume construction on the Conklin Multiplex. Councillor Tyran Ault was not present because of illness. Councillors Lance Bussieres, Sheldon Germaine, and Allan Vinni opposed resuming construction while all of the other councillors voted for it. According to Germaine “I’ve always supported the Conklin Multiplex, I haven’t supported the scope of it.” Quintal stated “I don’t disagree, councillor, in terms of right-sizing it. I think that Conklin should not have to pay for the mistakes made by this administration. We have helped to fund the quality of life in the urban area while rural residents lived in poverty.”

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