Are Harry and Francesca Still Together? The Too Hot to Handle Couple Tells All

Let’s start with the inevitable: Harry and Francesca from Too Hot to Handle broke up after the Netflix series stopped filming about a year ago. In more surprising news: They’re back together and doing better than ever…despite being separated during quarantine. (Harry is in Los Angeles, but Francesca was encouraged to return home by the Canadian government.)

“I think it’s kind of lucky that we aren’t quarantined together because I feel like you’d have a child by the end of this,” Harry says to Francesca during our three-way phone call. So yeah, they’re doing well. And yes, I spoke to the somewhat infamous couple after they had a chance to watch the series.

Since dropping on Netflix, fans have had a lot of thoughts about Harry Jowsey, 22, and Francesca Farago, 27—the two contestants who gleefully broke the rules and lost the most amount of cash during the show by kissing, having sex, and, well, you saw it. But it was their first foray into coupledom that caused the most backlash: Harry initiated the first kiss and the show’s first rule break, costing the group $3,000. But somehow, Harry managed to convince everyone that Francesca kissed him.

Considering this seemed to ostracize Francesca from the other contestants, viewers couldn’t help but wonder why the Instagram influencer ultimately forgave his actions and continued to pursue him throughout the season. “It was massively immature,” Harry admits. “I’m not going to deny that. I was a massive dickhead in that sense.” But, he wants you to know, he’s not a total asshole.

Glamour caught up with Harry and Francesca to find out exactly what went down, what it’s like to mentally prepare for reality star “villain” status, and *checks notes* wedding rings?!

harry and francesca too hot to handle
Courtesy of Netflix

Have you seen much of each other since the show stopped filming?

Francesca: We’ve seen each other as much as possible. We broke up for a few months. It was probably the best thing that could’ve happened because when we got back together we were stronger than ever. We just needed a few months to debrief. Now that we’re back, everything’s been amazing and couldn’t be happier with our relationship. I mean, minus the fact that we’re not in the same country right now. Other than that, it’s perfect.

What caused the breakup?

Harry: I think we had a few miscommunication areas, and we just didn’t see eye to eye on a couple of things. Plus, I was in Australia and New Zealand at the time. I was just packing up my life to get ready to do the big move. So it was a massively stressful time, and I think I dumped a lot of my stress and pressure on Francesca.

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