Travel Outfits: Photos of Celebrities at the Airport Are Here to Inspire Your Holiday Travel Style

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With the money to pay for personal assistants, professional organizers, and full-time chefs and drivers, celebrities are oblivious to a lot of the annoying things you deal with on a day-to-day basis: packing lunches, having the oil changed, running out of toothpaste. But even the rich and famous aren’t spared the most annoying place in the world: the airport.

Some celebs move through the airport like we do: Let’s keep it comfortable and make it out of here without contracting anything viral. But other famous people, of course, treat LAX like every other public place: just another runway to strut down.

Here’s how four celebs do airports, in varying degrees of chic.

Victoria Beckham

Celebrities at the Airport Victoria Beckham
Jackson Lee

The most posh, of course, is Posh herself, who made her way through JFK earlier this month. She mixed and matched three patterns—polka-dots, plaid, and argyle—and looked more pulled together than I have in all of 2019. Maybe it’s the wine-colored boots and bag or the supersize sunglasses that tied everything together; maybe she made a deal with the devil, who gave her style powers the rest of us just can’t comprehend.


Celebrities at the Airport Rihanna

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