Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Ali Wong’s Glasses—According to Ali Wong

Ali Wong exclusively wears glasses after a scary incident involving disposable contacts in college. “I was so cheap that I left my contacts in for so long that my eye turned red,” the comedian and author of memoir Dear Girls says. “It was so painful to take out and my eyes were messed up for a week. I was scared that I had messed up my eyes forever, so I never went back.”

That frightening tale led to Wong’s finding her personal aesthetic in glasses. “I found thin oversized metal Paul Frank glasses from an outlet in San Francisco. They were these old Chinese-man kind of glasses that were big on my face. I loved them because they reminded me of my dad, and they only cost 40 bucks.” They were her first pair with nose pads, she says, something “revolutionary for the low-bridge Asian nose, because the other style would always slide down my face when I got excited or shook my head.” Now, she won’t go without glasses.

Wong’s statement glasses have become synonymous with her look. Everyone always expects a big eyewear moment from her onscreen, onstage, and on red carpets. They’ve even turned her into a cosplay costume, as fans dress up as her for Halloween and at her standup shows, wearing big red glasses and leopard-print dresses. I haven’t dressed up as Wong myself, but I’ve worn glasses since I was four and have my own collection of bold frames I switch out based on my mood, so she’s always been a bespectacled icon for me.

Ali Wong attends the 2018 Baby2Baby Gala Presented by Paul Mitchell at 3LABS on November 10 2018 in Culver City California.
Jon Kopaloff

When I spoke to her about her Netflix rom-com Always Be My Maybe, we lamented about how glasses-wearing women are always seen as needing a makeover (and contacts) in order to get the guy in rom-coms, but her character, Sasha could be the powerful, successful “girl next door” yet still have an attainable look that women could actually achieve. During that meeting I told Wong that I also pop lenses out of sunglasses to get a bolder frame (her secret to really oversized frames), and I needed to know everything about her collection. Before she told me all the answers, I compiled where to buy many of frames worn in the movie in this Twitter thread. Now I’m here to spill all her real-life glasses secrets.

Wong says she had a gradual graduation to super-huge, bold frames. Her “glasses just got bigger and bigger”—both for style and function. “I’m short, but secretly I have a huge head. So if I wear small glasses, it makes my head even bigger. Bigger is more flattering.” One of her favorite frames are the iconic Dsquared2 tortoiseshell frames that she wore in her Milk and Money tour poster (the epically-long 2019 tour that had a 13-show residency in Los Angeles). “They scare my husband because it makes me look like I don’t have eyebrows,” she reveals with a laugh.

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