Cozy Gifts for the Biggest Homebody You Know

Cozy is a mood—and that mood can look like cashmere shorts, a hand-knit weighted blanket, a subscription to the stream all the best movies on Disney+, or a sheepskin rug to warm up icy cold floors.

But don’t keep the cozy to yourself during the giving (read: peak hibernation) season. Odds are, someone on your holiday gift list is an even bigger homebody than you. And since you already know where to find them this winter—most likely at home, enjoying their favorite romantic comedy over freshly canceled plans—give them the best cozy gifts 2019 has to offer.

Among our toastiest picks is a sweater dress inspired by Rihanna’s favorite outfits, a silk travel set to take the comfy on-the-go, and a plush dog bed for the actual queen of nesting, your pup. Shop the best cozy gifts for the friend you never see (but aren’t mad about it), here.

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