51 Best Gifts for Your Boyfriend that Are Far From Basic

High up there on the list of people most difficult to shop for? Always, without fail, the boyfriend. Figuring out what to gift your mom, best friend, and white elephant recipient can be hard enough, but there’s something about shopping for the guy you love (or maybe just really like) that adds extra stress to the holiday season.

Finding the best gifts for your boyfriend can be a struggle because one, the last thing you want to do is clutter his dresser with another pair of striped socks. Two, he already has enough briefs to last a lifetime, and three, he probably doesn’t align with your love of cactus-themed stationery—so what do you do?

Fear not! Whether your guy is an outdoorsman or a sports fanatic, a techie, or a kid at heart, we’ve got potential presents to wow even the pickiest man. Ahead: 51 creative, functional, and stylish gifts that will show your person just how thoughtful you are.

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