Best Books to Read If You Love Romantic Comedies

The one thing all romantic comedies have in common? They celebrate the two things everyone wants in life—rom and com, of course. To honor that, we’re devoting a whole week to the genre. More on the rom-coms we love, past and present, here.

It’s normal to want to watch your favorite romantic comedies over and over again. Often there’s something in these stories that appeals to our hearts, whether it’s the allure of finding love with your best friend, meeting a stranger who changes your life, or just discovering something new about yourself. Romantic comedies remind us of the best parts of humanity—of achieving happiness and fulfillment, and doing it with an impeccable wardrobe.

And there’s a whole subset of books that evoke the same feeling. That’s right: Rom-coms aren’t just for the big and small screens. They’re also a booming novel genre that’s only getting bigger. So if you’ve exhausted your catalog of rom-com movies but still want a fix, may I suggest scrolling Amazon for some good reads? These 12 books, below, are a great place to start. All of them will make you feel like you’re watching a big, bombastic romantic comedy—just, ya know, in your mind.

Synopsis: A young jewelry shop owner manages to convince her Instagram followers that she’s engaged—but instead of coming clean, she keeps up the charade.
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Atria Books

Synopsis: After squashing their beef, America’s first son, Alex, and the Prince of Wales, Henry, begin a secret romance that threatens to derail their families’ political empires. Buy on Amazon here.

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