18 Best White Elephant Gifts for 2019

Each year, we’re tasked with finding the perfect presents for everyone on our gift list. And while you may be well-aware of your mother-in-law’s devotion to skin care or your dog’s obsession with organic peanut butter chews, finding the best white elephant gifts for coworkers may not be so simple. Because aside from making your deskmate smile, winning a White Elephant Exchange (or Yankee Swap or Dirty Santa) party is simple: Bring the most sought-after present no one realized they needed, until now.

Since your office probably has enough ballpoint pens and Moleskine notebooks to support a small village, you’ll want to think outside the box for a white elephant gift that’ll get laughs or ‘awws’ at the holiday office party. A little creativity goes a long way, and choosing a gift that everyone will try to snatch is easier than you may think.

Check out 18 of the best white elephant gifts—all under $25—and prepare to claim your award as the biggest white elephant in the room.

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