What's Going on With Renée Zellweger's Knees in What/If?

This week, as I sweat the last shivers of Game of Thrones withdrawal out of my body, I decided to settle into a new drama series, one that’s equally as immersive, erotic, and brimming with betrayal: Yes, I’m talking about Renée Zellweger’s new Netflix show What/If.

The series follows Anne Montgomery—an extremely extra venture capitalist who does things like monologue into a tape recorder and shoot archery in her skyscraper apartment—who offers an “indecent proposal” to Lisa Donovan (Jane Levy). Anne offers to invest $20 million into Lisa’s financially flailing company for one night alone with Lisa’s husband. It’s all very steamy and deceitful and the show flies off the rails before the opening scene ends—it’s great. But through it all, there’s been one thing plaguing me since the moment I pressed play: What the hell is going on with Renée Zellweger’s knees?

They are prominently featured in this show. In fact, I’d argue that her knees are the breakout star of the series. The first time we see them is less than three minutes into the first episode, when they grace the cover of Anne Montgomery’s book, aptly titled At Any Cost:


That’s just beginning. The high visibility of her knees is, frankly, jarring—but the way they’re styled is even more intriguing. In each shot, we see one angular knee greased and oiled to slick perfection draped over the other like a silk scarf, ready to be seductively slipped off Zellweger’s taught skin. Case in point:

A scene from Netflix's What If
Erik Voake/Netflix

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