We Tried the Best Maybelline Mascaras—Here Are Our Honest Reviews

“Maybe it’s Maybelline” isn’t only a catchy slogan, it’s also likely the answer if you’ve ever seen someone on the street and wondered “what mascara is she wearing?” Some brands just get it, and when it comes to mascara, Maybelline gets it. The brand has something for everyone—from the most natural of options to formulas that rival falsies—which could be why people are very passionate whenever you ask them about their favorite. My mom has had a tube of Great Lash in her makeup bag for as long as I can remember, and our senior beauty editor, Lindsay, will preach the gospel of Total Temptation to anyone that will listen. (I’m personally not a mascara loyalist but have tried and loved many a Maybelline tube).

That said, with so many different formulas to choose from, getting to that point can require a heavy amount of trial error—especially given that you can’t exactly test drugstore mascara in the store. That’s why we enlisted Glamour editors to put every tube to the test and broke down what exactly you get with each option. Read on for our honest reviews of the best Maybelline mascaras.

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