A ‘Game of Thrones’ Cruise Is Setting Sail in 2020

Sure, the Game of Thrones finale was bleak, divisive, and full of plot holes, but hard-core fans are still missing the series pretty intensely. (It ran for nearly eight years, after all.) Luckily, for anyone who really needs to fill that Westeros-shaped void in their life, a onetime cruise is letting people take a spin through a piece of the Seven Kingdoms.

One of the main places that the show filmed was Croatia, and now a limited-time luxury cruise run by Cruise Croatia will set sail on August 8, 2020, and take visitors to all the main GoT locations in the country. It’s pretty exclusive, though: There are only 38 spots available, but if you happen to snag one, you’ll basically get to play Daenerys and Cersei for seven nights.

Some of the trip is centered in Dubrovnik, the jaw-dropping city in the south of Croatia that served as the backdrop of King’s Landing. There’s a stop on St. Dominika, the UNESCO-designated Old Town that doubled as the place where Cersei did her Walk of Atonement. People aboard the cruise will also explore Klis Fortress, a medieval fortress that soars high on a rock bluff near Croatia’s second-largest city of Split, where the show creators filmed many of the scenes in which Daenerys conquered Meereen. Other highlights include the Mineeta Tower, best known as the House of the Undying, and the Lovrijenac Fortress, where King Joffrey’s naming day tournament took place.

A still from Game of Thrones.

Plus, there are visits to non-GoT gems in the country, including Krka National Park and the Blue Cave grotto.

Seven nights go for $1,895, but four lucky fans can enter a competition to win the cruise for free. The whole thing kicks off with a Game of Thrones welcome pack at the beginning, and then a massive GoT-themed farewell party at the end. Sign me up.

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