20 Statement-Sleeve Tops Worth the Hassle

Most days, when you’re getting dressed, the goal is to not overthink it—as long as your clothes don’t get in the way of anything you have to do, then you’re good to go. But sometimes, a little fuss can be fun, and even worth the extra hassle. Take the statement sleeve trend, for instance: A relative of the never-ending off-the-shoulder craze, it plays up blouses by adding embellishments to (think ruffles, contrasting fabric) or playing with the shape (by adding volume, cut-outs, or extra length) of the sleeves. And it’ll make your jeans or trousers feel a lot more fun.

For those days where you feel like doing a lil’ something extra (but no more than “a lil'”), consider the 20 statement-sleeved blouses ahead.

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