5 Essential Swimwear Shopping Tips From Designers

Shopping for swimwear can be a tough and vulnerable process. As if the inconsistency in sizing across brands and the harsh fluorescent lighting in changing rooms weren’t enough, it can be intimidating—and overwhelming—to contend with all the available choices and take stock of all the new trends coming up on Instagram or on the runway. Asking friends and family for tips can help, but we decided to take it a step further and go straight to the source for the best swimwear shopping tips: the designers behind some of your go-to brands—the ones choosing every stitch, seam, wire, cup, and strap you live in come summertime.

Ahead, check out the top insider tricks from Nani Stoick of ANINI, Oleema Miller of Mikoh, Olga Caro of Alpine Butterfly, Kelly Townsend of Paper London, Leora Elituv of Kisuii, Pascale Leclère of Gooseberry Intimates & Seaside, Nicole Haase of Modcloth, and Mara Hoffman. A better swim shopping experience awaits.

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