Woman struck, killed by train near festival in Wabamun

Police are investigating after a 47-year-old woman from the Paul First Nation was struck and killed by a train, about one kilometre from where the Dragonfly Festival was wrapping up in Wabamun on Sunday night.

RCMP Cpl. Laurel Scott said CN police contacted RCMP at around 10 p.m., advising that a woman walking east on the tracks near the train bridge over Moonlight Bay had been hit by a train traveling in the same direction. 

“When she was struck, she was alone,” Scott said, adding the woman’s spouse was in the area, but “was a ways away.”

“There’s no indication we’re investigating anything criminal,” Scott said.

Police wouldn’t say whether the woman had attended the festival, where an hour earlier the band Loverboy had finished playing a concert at the waterfront park.

Similar fatality in 2014 

Shawn Patience, chief administrative officer of the village, which puts on the festival, said he did not know if the woman had attended but called the incident “very tragic.” 

Patience said the train crossing near the venue was manned by RCMP officers, CN police and security personal during and after the event. He said that area has crossing arms and a walkway for pedestrians. 

The incident was “completely unrelated to activities at the festival site,” Patience said. 

“We can’t secure miles of train track outside of the festival,” he said, adding the location where the incident happened was beyond the village limits. 

Patience couldn’t say where or how the woman found her way onto the tracks.

This is not the first fatality in that area, he said, noting a pedestrian was killed close to the same spot near the train bridge over Moonlight Bay in 2014.

To get to the other side of the bay by road requires going around, which is about five kilometres.

Wabamun is about 70 kilometres east of Edmonton on Wabamun Lake.


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