No Fights Broke Out During the Reveal of Jerry Springer's POPular Vote

Jerry Springer is always ready to preside over a rumble, but he seemed happy to be among more civil types at the Democratic National Convention.

Not that there wasn’t plenty of opportunity to egg a few protesters on.

But the former mayor of Cincinnati and host of the infamously combative Jerry Springer Show was on a break from being the ringleader when E! News’ Sibley Scoles caught up with him at the DNC in Philadelphia last month and quizzed him on his favorite things.

Little did Sibley know she’d be serenaded as well…

But leave it to the consummate showman to spice up his POPular Vote results with a rendition of his favorite song to sing in the shower.

Asked if he’d ever host the 2016 presidential candidates on his talk show, he joked that Hillary Clinton was too decent a person to ever come on and Donald Trump would avoid it because of the very real chance someone would pull his hair.

With that sort of mischief in mind, no wonder his celebrity squad isn’t available to hang out for another 8 to 10.

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