Bryce Dallas Howard Auditioned for a Bunch of Famous Disney Movies and You Had No Idea

Oh My Disney

We bet you didn’t know that Bryce Dallas Howard auditioned for Wall-E, Sleeping Beauty, Toy Story or The Little Mermaid, did you? We have the tape to prove it. Well, sort of. Technically they’re not real auditions, but if they were, they would be amazing. Watch the Pete’s Dragon star try out for the roles of Wall-E, Aurora, Ariel and Jessie in the clip, Disney Failed Auditions. Honestly, we know this is supposed to be a fail video, but she would literally be the perfect pick for any of these roles. We could totally see her take on Ariel star in 50 Shades of Grey and her Jessie from Toy Story is SPOT. ON.

[embedded content]

If Disney ever needs someone for a live action version of any of these movies, Bryce Dallas Howard is clearly cut out for all four of them in our opinion. As you can see from the clip, she can fall asleep on demand and makes aluminum foil look like Valentino. Did we mention she has the ability to be more animated than an actual animation? Yeah, that. 

In celebration of Pete’s Dragonwhich comes out this Friday (yay!), you have to watch this adorable clip of her “failed auditions.” You’re welcome. 

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