Vista Ridge Golf Course Expansion Expected to Open Up Some Time Next Year

Vista Ridge is getting a new golf course expansion which is expected to open up some time next year, and the golf course is not the only addition that is planned. The 12 hole golf course will see construction start soon, and the mini putt course will also be added on to. There are also possible plans for new mountain bike trails as well. The all season park has been looking for ways to bring in more people all year long. General manager of Vista Ridge, Kevin Grogan, discussed the expansion and said “It’s been a long time coming. It was built in 1996 as an all-seasons park, but it’s taken this long for us to really get a good handle on the winter product.. The municipality sets a fairly high standard when it comes to recreation, so we’re trying to keep doing our part in maintaining the same out-of-the-box thinking.”

The golf course expansion at Vista Ridge is designed to offer a game that is quicker than what was offered by the Quarry Ridge course. Last year was the first year that WildPlay was open, and this attraction was very popular with the kids. Grogan talked about Wildplay, a combination jungle gym and tree house that allows kids to climb and explore the grounds of the park, saying “We’re very keen on nature-based play. where kids can crawl and actually be close to nature on logs and swings and things like that.” vista Ridge hopes to offer a family pass for the park at less than $2,000. This pass would allow families to access the skiing hills, the adventure park, and the golf course.

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