How Did the Teen Wolf Season Finale Honor Allison in Its Big Showdown?

Teen Wolf, Crystal Reed


Way to break our hearts all over again, Teen Wolf

Everybody’s favorite gang of high school werewolves, chimeras, foxes, and banshees saved the day as they usually do in the season five finale, but they got a little help from someone totally unexpected. 

Technically, Allison (Crystal Reed) saved Scott’s life. 

Her exact resemblance to Argent ancestor Marie-Jeanne Valet ended up coming in extremely handy when Scott went up against the beast, whose original identity was Marie-Jeanne’s brother. He was able to see Scott’s memories of Allison, and then refrained from killing him long enough for Scott to get away. 

In the end, all of the bad guys were destroyed, including the beast. Theo may not be gone for good, but he’s definitely not a problem for now. 

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In fact, nothing seems to be a problem for now, at least as far as Scott, Stiles, and Lydia are concerned. Sure has now left town again to find herself in the desert, but the rest of them are well on their way to graduation. Stiles now recognizes that no matter where they all go after they leave high school, they’ll still be able to find each other.

However, his optimism may not last for long. At the very end of the episode, after everything was supposed to be all fine and dandy, we saw some wet footprints leading away from the Dread Doctors’ tank, meaning the soldier has gotten loose, and we at least have an inkling of what the group may be facing in season six. 

Hopefully one of the other things we’ll be facing in season six will involve Stiles and Lydia exploring their feelings for each other, but we’ll just have to see if we get our wish. 

Teen Wolf returns to MTV later this year. 

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