Use photo radar revenue to make school zones safer, trustee urges

Photo radar revenue should go towards curbing speeding in school zones, argues the chair of the Edmonton Public School Board.

Michael Janz said he will urge the board Tuesday to ask city council for photo radar revenue be directed to traffic safety initiatives around schools and in school zones.

Trustees are hearing more complaints from parents about drivers speeding and using school zones as shortcuts, Janz told Edmonton AM’s Mark Connolly Tuesday.

“At some schools we hear almost as much about the traffic issues around the schools as we do about the education going on in the schools.”

Since the city established school zones last September, more than 17,000 drivers have been caught speeding through them.

Because school zones are new, awareness campaigns such as the recent student protests outside Bessie Nichols and Sister Annata Brockman schools are needed as much as enforcement, he said.

More signs, and more flashing lights are some of the ideas being floated, according to Janz. 

“This isn’t just about parents speeding to drop off their kids,” he said. “This is about short cutting. This is about a growing city with major issues in some areas.”



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