So who’s this “Trevor Noah”, new host of the Daily Show?

trevor noah So whos this Trevor Noah, new host of the Daily Show?

Your host, ladies and gentleman. (

Real talk: It’s a little hard to imagine The Daily Show being quite its usual sharp, snarky without the silliest-smartest-person-ever Jon Stewart. But a new era of comenews is upon us, in the form of the show’s just-announced replacement host, a little known comedian named Trevor Noah. So who is this guy?

If he looks familiar, you’re not crazy: Noah has been a “correspondent” for the show in the last few months, very capably presenting a chess news round-up among other recent highlights. If you’re South African, however, you’ve known and loved this 31 year-old for a long time: Noah is arguably the nation’s most famous comedian, know for adept-and-hilarious critiques that nation’s political leaders. Noah is also by no means a late-night / stand-up rookie – he’s been on Letterman, and brought the laffs at the Apollo in London.

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