How Common are Moose Vehicle Accidents in Fort MacMurray, Alberta?

One question that many people may wonder is just how common are moose vehicle accidents are in Fort MacMurray, Alberta.  Sometimes these accidents can be fatal, either to the moose or to the passengers in the vehicle involved, but they are not as common as you might think considering the remote location of For MacMurray and the local moose population. When a vehicle and a moose collide the large size and heavy weight of the moose can cause considerable damage to the vehicle that is involved in the accident, and sometimes the driver or passengers may have serious or even life threatening injuries.  In Canada these types of accidents are frequently reported in local newspapers, but in Fort MacMurray the actual number of collisions is small on average.

Residents of Fort MacMurray are aware of the dangers of moose vehicle accidents, and most of these individuals pay close attention when driving to avoid an accident with any type of natural wildlife found in the area. In addition to moose there are also deer, bear, and many other larger animal species that could create a problem if they cause a vehicle animal collision. Thanks to public service messages and campaigns to keep drivers safe the number of moose vehicle accidents in Fort MacMurray stays very small, and there are few or even no fatal accidents in many years. If you live in the region or you visit Fort MacMurray it is important to watch out for wildlife while you are driving in order to avoid any accidents.

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