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U.S. phone companies limit sharing of location data, while Canadian carriers insist they already do

After media reports showed how the location of cellphone users in the U.S. and Canada could be obtained without their consent, wireless carriers in the U.S. say they will scale back the location data-sharing relationships that allowed the privacy breaches to happen in the first place. But in Canada, it’s still business as usual — because…

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More than 20 countries aim to toughen climate goals by 2020

More than 20 nations ranging from Canada to France to Britain to Pacific island states said on Thursday they would try to limit their greenhouse gas emissions more than already planned under the Paris climate agreement by 2020. They welcomed a decision by U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to host a summit in September 2019 to review…

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Koko, the gorilla famous for learning sign language, has died

Koko, the gorilla who is believed to have mastered sign language, has died. The Gorilla Foundation says the 46-year-old western lowland gorilla died in her sleep at the foundation’s preserve in California’s Santa Cruz mountains on Tuesday. The foundation said Koko opened the minds and hearts of millions as an icon for interspecies communication and empathy. Koko…

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