Flood advisory issued for Lac Ste. Anne County

A flood advisory has been issued for Lac Ste. Anne County as water levels rise in the Little Paddle and Paddle Rivers due to rapid snow melt, according to an alert issued by the Alberta River Forecast Centre

The alert posted just before 3 p.m. Saturday warned that people may encounter flooded roadways and high water levels in ditches in the area. 

Lac Ste. Anne County is working to pass water through overrun culverts and is asking residents to report any other issues, according to a press release posted to the county website Saturday. 

The alert is warning residents along the rivers that overland flooding will continue given large amounts of snow gathered on the western and northern portions of the river basins. 

Agricultural operators should consider moving livestock and equipment to higher ground, the alert said. 

The latest alert comes just hours after the forecast centre issued a spring runoff advisory for the Lac Ste. Anne, warning of high water levels throughout the county. 

In August, the county declared a state of agricultural disaster after a summer of heavy rain damaged or prevented the harvest for many local producers. It was the second consecutive year the county declared an agricultural emergency, after a wet summer in 2018 was followed by a snowy harvest.  

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