Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy deemed essential workers

The Easter bunny has been added to the list of essential workers. The mythical rabbit has earned the designation in communities across the country and Edmonton is no exception.

The ongoing state of emergency doesn’t apply to magic bunnies.

Unlike humans, he will be allowed to skirt a few of the public health directives as he hops from home to home this weekend but his work — like other aspects of daily life during the COVID-19 pandemic — may play out a little differently.

In Edmonton, the bunny will be allowed to make his stealthy deliveries of chocolate eggs and candy, as long as he keeps clear of humans and washes his furry feet vigorously in between each delivery.

Mayor Don Iveson confirmed the news during a Thursday press conference.

The bunny wants to assure all of you that he and his team will do the very best to deliver. ​​​​​​– Don Iveson

Apparently Iveson has a direct line to the cotton-tailed critter in his underground burrow. 

“I’m pleased to say that I spoke with the Easter Bunny myself this week,” Iveson said.

“The bunny wants to assure all of you that he and his team will do their very best to deliver treats but that they might not be able to make it to every home this year.

“As you can imagine they’re very busy with their own families at this time of year as well.”

As Easter weekend approaches, the bunny wants everyone to remain safe, healthy and away from crowds, Iveson said. 

Egg hunts are still allowed, Iveson said, but they should be done within the safety of the home.

For the record, Iveson also spoke with the tooth fairy. Her work has also been deemed an essential service.

The fairy has continued to collect teeth nightly but with the banks closed, she’s been having a hard time finding the proper coins for her under-pillow payments.

Children are asked to be extra patient, Iveson said.

“Again, we ask for your understanding because they might not be able to make it to every house this year and payments might get deferred.”

Health officials have been urging Albertans to celebrate Easter weekend safely by avoiding travel and attending religious services from their safety of their homes. 

“I do hope and trust and pray that Edmonton still finds ways to connect with family and friends and faith communities virtually,” Iveson said. 

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