Chag Sameach! Relive the Best Passover Scenes From TV and Film


Yesterday marked the start of Passover, and today we’re celebrating with some of the best TV episodes and movies that also took part in the holiday!

As families across the world gather for seder (often digitally, in light of the coronavirus pandemic), it’s the perfect time to watch some of our favorite characters also break matzah.

Whether your nostalgia drives you to throw on The O.C. and watch Summer study Passover traditions to be the perfect girlfriend or you’re in the mood for a more serious episode, like Homeland‘s “Why Is This Night Different?”, there are plenty of great representation to tune into.

There are episodes of Saturday Night Live and Curb Your Enthusiasm that will make you laugh or the entirety of Uncut Gems, which will have you on the edge of your seat.

So pass the seder plate and take a look at the list below!

Here are our favorites.

Passover Stills, Uncut Gems


Gossip Girl, Seder Anything


A Rugrats Passover


Ten Commandments, Passover

Courtesy of Parmount

SNL, Jerry Seinfeld


Passover Stills, SNL


Sports Night, April Is the Cruelest Month


Passover Stills, Homeland


Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Seder


The Prince of Egypt, Passover

Courtesy of DreamWorks SKG

Ben Kingsley, Moses, Passover

Courtesy of the TNT Network

William Houston, The Bible, History Channel, Mmoses, Passover

Joe Alblas/A+E Networks

When do we eat, Max Greenfield, Passover

Courtesy of When Do We Eat Inc.

The O.C., The Nana


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