Alberta legislature to introduce bill clarifying emergency rules on COVID-19

The Alberta legislature is to hold a rare Friday sitting to pass legislation to streamline emergency powers during the novel coronavirus outbreak.

On Friday, the government intends to table a bill that makes an urgent amendment to the Emergency Management Act.

The change would prevent any provincial state of emergency from superseding a town or city’s local state of emergency said government house leader Jason Nixon.

Nixon said the bill is meant to ensure better co-ordinate the province and municipalities as the province works to reduce the spread of the virus.

Nixon said that it is the only planned emergency legislation tied to the outbreak, but adds things can change quickly.

The legislature is to continue sitting next week, but with a reduced schedule of legislation.

Opposition house leader Heather Sweet says the NDP’s overarching goal is to help the government pass whatever is necessary to help Albertans during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The pandemic has upended the normal course of business in the house — the government passed its 2020-21 budget in one night this week.

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