Jordan Peele's First Candyman Trailer Is the Furthest Thing From Sweet

This trailer will have you avoiding mirrors. 

After Get Out and UsJordan Peele is taking on the Candyman. The Oscar-winning screenwriter has spent the last few years expertly scaring fans with his one-of-a-kind, frightening original creations. Now, he’s revisiting an iconic horror figure for the new decade. 

In a newly unveiled trailer for Candyman, co-produced and co-written by Peele, directed by fellow co-writer Nia DaCosta and starring Tony Todd, who originally played the titular character, the urban legend of the deadly mirror man returns to the silver screen as a sequel. 

In the goosebumps-inducing trailer, artist Anthony McCoy, played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, moves in close to the old Cabrini–Green housing projects, the original site of Candyman, and takes an interest in the urban legend, eventually painting him as part of his work and displaying his portrait in a gallery exhibit. 

Soon, Candyman begins to take hold of everyone in his path—seemingly including McCoy. 

“He had a purpose for you—to be another one of his terrible stories,” Anne-Marie McCoy, played by Vanessa A. Williams tells him.

“I guess he found me.”

The film hits theaters on June 12. We’ll be sleeping with the lights on until then. 

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