City marks opening of Kathleen Andrews transit garage

The City of Edmonton has opened its massive new Kathleen Andrews transit garage, named after the first woman who drove a bus for Edmonton Transit.

The facility at 12403 Fort Rd. is home to 275 conventional buses and has infrastructure to support 30 of the city’s 40 new electric buses. More than 400 city staff work out of the garage.

The first buses rolled out the doors early Sunday.

“This is an exciting milestone for Edmonton, as we prepare for a future of two million people,” Eddie Robar, ETS branch manager, said in a news release Tuesday. “This new garage is full of innovative and environmentally sustainable features that make it one of North America’s leading transit facilities.”

The garage, 10 acres in size, is built on the former Canada Packers site. It replaces the aging Westwood transit garage.

Construction started in 2016 and was completed late last year. The design incorporates environmental features, including a bus wash that uses rainwater collected from the roof.

Kathleen Andrews joined Edmonton Transit Service in 1975 and stayed for 23 years, inspiring other women to follow in her footsteps — including her daughter Lisa who is also an ETS transit operator and instructor.

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