20 Secrets About The Talented Mr. Ripley Revealed

11. Of course, just as famous as the scenery were the clothes sported by the cast, particularly the main trio, with legendary costume designer Ann Roth earning an Oscar nomination for her work in the film. For Tom’s look, most of the pieces were vintage items that were remade by tailors to be purposefully ill-fitting to highlight his standing, which Roth described as “very American east Coast but…from Sears.” In the words of co-designer Gary Jones, Tom’s signature corduroy jacket was “such a piece.” 

12. For Dickie, all of the clothing worn by Law was custom made by New York tailor John Tudor to show off his wealthy upbringing and current lavish (and lazy) lifestyle. “My job was to show this very well-off boy, Dickie, in Europe, on a very strict allowance, but with a sensational lifestyle,” Roth explained. “I had him in a jacket and some shorts, or a jacket and some linen trousers, and that jacket had to reflect a very rich background. And if he had one or two made in Rome, it had to look that way.”

13. As for Marge, whose still regarded as a film style icon to this day, Roth explained her chic wardrobe had more to do with an attitude than the actual pieces. “She doesn’t buy her own clothes, they are her parents’ purchases she had from school… but if somebody said where’d you get those loafers, she wouldn’t have a clue,” she explained. “That was not interesting to her. It’s like the designer’s names now, the Tommy whomevers.” As the movie progresses, Marge’s wardrobe goes from light linens and bikinis to darker tones and fabrics, reflecting the shift in her character as Ripley casts a shadow over her life. 

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