Whistle stop regulations aim to shush trains at Strathcona County crossings

Some residents in Strathcona County can hope for a little less disruption from passing trains after councillors approved a resolution to put a stop to whistles at five crossings.

The county has informed both national railways about the whistle cessation approved for four CN crossings north of Highway 630 and one CP crossing at 34th Street, south of Baseline Road.

“The number of train whistles sounding every day has been increasing and is impacting residents’ quality of life,” Mayor Rod Frank said in a Thursday news release. 

Before the regulations were passed, each crossing underwent a detailed safety assessment and had improvements including warning signs, line painting and a review of gate descent time.

The news release said the county is looking at three other crossings in which it hopes to enact whistle cessation regulations in 2020.

However, the new legislation won’t necessarily silence the whistles forever. 

“Even with a whistle cessation agreement in place, rail companies will always retain the overriding authority to sound the train whistle at the sole discretion of the conductor,” the news release said.

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