Kenney to Quebec: Don't want propane shortages? Build more pipelines

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has one message for his Quebec counterpart François Legault: if you don’t want propane shortages, build more pipelines.

Kenney made the comments during a live Q&A on Facebook Thursday.

“We have technology that could guarantee you constant, stable access to propane and other fuels. They’re called pipelines,” he said.

“If the government of Quebec is concerned about reliable access to propane and other fuels … then we have a very simple message for the government of Quebec: help us build additional pipeline capacity.”

The comments come after Legault called for an end to the Canadian National (CN) Railway strike, saying the province’s supply of propane will run out in a matter of days.

The Quebec government is rationing the remaining supply of its propane.

Legault also called on the federal government to consider back-to-work legislation, if need be.

Kenney said that Quebec would not need to rely on storage and rationing if there was a way to “ship in” fossil fuels through a pipeline.

“We think our friends in Quebec should understand, obviously, the potential danger of rail shipments,” he said. “How much safer — both in terms of human life and environmental safety — pipelines are.”

Forty-seven people died in the small Quebec town of Lac-Mégantic when an unmanned train carrying fossil fuels derailed and exploded in the centre of town.

Kenney said that Alberta also wants to see the rail strike solved “as soon as possible,” citing the damage it is doing to the province’s farmers and energy sector.

There are currently no proposed oil pipeline projects for Quebec.

Legault has said he is in favour of a pipeline carrying natural gas from Alberta to the Saguenay.

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