Manitoba Metis Federation donates $1M to CancerCare Manitoba

The Manitoba Metis Federation handed over a $1-million cheque on Saturday to help in the fight against cancer.

MMF President David Chartrand made the presentation to the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation during his state of the nation address at the federation’s annual general assembly, being held Saturday at Assiniboia Downs.

“I can bet you there is not a person in this room, no one, who can say cancer has not affected your family, your friends or somebody you know,” said Chartrand. “I want to honour each and every one of your loved ones.”

“If we can put money in there that can save a life … let’s give them that,” Chartrand said to applause from the crowd.

The donation will remain in the province and is earmarked for recruiting cancer specialists, operating a research facility and helping people access clinical trials.

Annitta Stenning, who is president and CEO of CancerCare Manitoba Foundation, said this is the largest single donation the foundation has ever received from the Indigenous community, adding it’s important for different communities to work together when it comes to cancer research.

“I am overwhelmed and humbled by today’s announcement of this incredible investment by the Métis nation to support your people and all people,” said Stenning.

During his speech, Chartrand said the Metis Federation also made a donation to the St. Boniface Hospital Foundation last month matching the $75,000 raised at a gala in May, which was presented by the Manitoba Metis Heritage Fund and the St. Boniface Hospital Foundation.

He also committed to a $10,000 reward from the MMF for tips that lead police to solving cases involving missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. 

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