Contracts for Alberta government political staffers posted online

Howard Anglin, principal secretary to Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, earns $29,000 a year more than his predecessor in the former NDP government. 

Once deputy chief of staff to former prime minister Stephen Harper, Anglin makes $224,120 a year, according to contracts released to the public on Friday.

Jim Rutkowksi, principal secretary to former Premier Rachel Notley, earned $195,000 annually.

A spokesman for the premier’s office said Anglin is “an accomplished lawyer who has a great deal of expertise in constitutional law.” 

Anglin is paid the same amount as Kenney’s chief of staff, Jamie Huckabay, whose salary is slightly less than the $225,000 paid to Nathan Rotman, Notley’s former chief of staff.  John Heaney, who preceded Rotman as Notley’s chief of staff, was paid $294,977. 

David Knight Legg, Kenney’s principal advisor, earns $194,253. 

Matt Wolf, the executive director of issues management, is paid the same salary as Legg, $194,253 a year.

All but two of the ministerial chiefs of staff under the NDP were paid $120,000 a year. (Energy chief of staff Matt Williamson earned $125,000. The contract for Heather Mack indicates she was paid $150,000 as infrastructure chief of staff).

The UCP appears to have three bands for paying chiefs of staff. The highest band of $139,463 is paid to nine of the 22 chiefs of staff. They mostly head up the larger ministries such as health and education. 

Two chiefs of staff are paid in a middle range of $129,501 and the remaining 11 earn $119,540.

The list discloses the contracts for senior political staff, including members of Kenney’s office, chiefs of staff to ministers and senior communications staff. 

The NDP government posted the salaries of press secretaries to cabinet ministers, as well as office staffers who were political appointments. 

The UCP is following the Government of Alberta sunshine lists guidelines and is only posting the contracts of staffers making more than $111,395.

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