Tom Hanks and Tim Allen Reveal The Toy Story Scenes That Had Them ''Choked Up''

The Toy Story 4 cast is revealing their favorite parts about the famous franchise — and, boy, is it sweet.

E! News’ Erin Limhad the opportunity to catch up with the impressive cast at the premiere, where they dished on all things toys. Believe it or not, it seems like Tom Hanks and Tim Allen have learned a lot from their characters over the years. They even revealed the things that had them choked up!

According to Hanks, the scene that reduced him to a “puddle of tears” is from Toy Story 3, which, in his defense, had pretty much everyone dabbing a tissue to their eye. “It was at the end of Toy Story, in which everyone was going to meet their fiery doom, and what did they do as they were reaching closer to the pit of eternity? They reached out for each other,” he explains. “Even toys were reaching out for the people that they love to say, ‘You’re here, i’m here and you’re special to me.”

This time around, the Woody, Buzz and the gang are learning the value in all toys, regardless of size or color. 

Tim says, “I get choked up… Forky tells us all in this movie: You are never trash, you are worth something to somebody. It’s just a wonderful story.”

Plus, this time around, Allen and Hanks got another friend to join them in their adventures: Duke Caboom!

Keanu Reeves voices the Canadian hero, who is a daredevil in all respects. This role was right up the John Wick star’s alley, especially considering his numerous roles in the action world. And while this role may have called for only his voice, there was no shortage of action in the recording booth. “He is so alive, and he’s got such a big heart; he’s a daredevil; he’s a show man. So yeah, when I would record it would definitely get gestural,” the star shares.

To see the toys in action, check out the movie when it his theaters on June 21st!

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