The Ledge: Waffles, yoga and filibuster fatigue

Just like the Stephen Bishop song, the first opposition filibuster under the United Conservative government went on and on.

What was going on behind the scenes as the two parties tried to negotiate through the impasse?

Why was NDP Official Opposition Leader Rachel Notley talking about missed yoga classes 12 hours into the debate? (Hint: it’s about filling time.)

On the Ledge podcast this week, provincial affairs reporters Kim Trynacity and Michelle Bellefontaine dissect the politics behind the NDP’s decision to dig in its heel on changes to Bill 2. 

MLA’s burned the midnight oil in the first filibuster under the UCP government legislative session that went on – and on – my friends. 23:38

The Ledge also sits in on the combative news conference with Education Minister Adriana LaGrange.

We hear from Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo MLA Tany Yao who delivered a message to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. And will Todd Loewen, UCP MLA for Central Peace-Notley, share his waffle recipe?

All this and a subtle, but notable, change to the seating plan of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta.

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