Andy Cohen Jokes He's Officially a "Soccer Mom"

Andy Cohen will be celebrating Father’s Day a little differently this year.

The first-time dad welcomed his son, Benjamin, back in February and life has certainly changed for the Watch What Happens Live host. The Bravo star opened up about life as a new parent on Thursday’s episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers.

“Everything has changed,” Cohen said while rocking his St. Louis Blues jersey in honor of their Stanley Cup win. “It’s amazing. He’s a little lovebug.”

However, this newfound love isn’t the only new addition to Cohen’s life. Getting used to the vast amount of baby gear he now has to pack has also been an adjustment. In fact, the 51-year-old celebrity said he recently purchased an SUV just to “schlep all this stuff.”

“I’m a soccer mom!” Cohen said. 

The Bravolebrity also opened up about the challenges of traveling with a newborn. Cohen documented the struggle earlier this week when he shared pictures of his little guy grabbing his nose on an airplane. 

“Pro tip: Dad’s nose is capable of endless hours of entertainment!” he wrote on Instagram at the time. “I had no clue!! #onedayatatime.”

Despite all the trials and tribulations parenthood can bring, Cohen is loving life as a dad.

“It’s not that easy for a single guy to do this on his own,” he told Today back in February. “It takes a village, as they say. So, I really wanted him, and the fact that he’s here and he’s so perfect and he’s in wonderful health, I have great gratitude for my surrogate and all the people who helped me get to this place. I’m just thrilled. It’s truly a dream.”

Watch the video to see Cohen’s interview.

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