Alberta energy 'war room' to be based in Calgary

Alberta’s energy war room, the communications piece of the new United Conservative government’s strategy to counter what it calls lies and misinformation about the industry, will be established in Calgary.

“That’s where the industry is and that’s where the punchy communication experts are,” Energy Minister Sonya Savage said on her way into a cabinet meeting Tuesday morning. 

The $30-million “war room” was promised by during the recent election. Staff will counter what the government has called lies and misinformation about the province’s energy industry.  

Savage said government is working on hiring “the right people” and figuring out how the unit will mesh with existing resources.

“It will be small. I’ll be tight. It’ll be compact,” she said.

Savage said the government is getting close to making an announcement.

The war room is one part of the government’s strategy, which includes litigation and a public inquiry into the funding sources of non-profit environmental groups like the David Suzuki Foundation and the Tides Foundation.

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