Take a load off: Seats from old Northlands Coliseum now for sale

Fans who want to remember the old Northlands Coliseum will now have a chance to own a little piece of history, as seats from the building are available through an online sale.

The seats are being sold in pairs, and include club seats, bowl seats and some that were original to the arena when it opened, said Lyall Brenneis, manager of the exhibition lands initiative.

“The original seats haven’t been replaced over the life of the coliseum,” said Brenneis. “They’re the ones with the wooden backs. If you’re a longtime fan, those seats might be of particular interest to you.”

The arena on 118th Avenue opened in 1974 as Northlands Coliseum. At various times over the next four decades it was known as Edmonton Coliseum, Skyreach Centre and Rexall Place.

The city took over the arena in 2018 and permanently closed the facility. 

Each pair of seats costs $230. The seats will only be available online for the next two weeks. 

The price covers the cost of removing the seats, as well as some profit for the city to offset arena operating costs, said Brenneis.

“We think the price is fair,” he said. “In fact, it’s really fair for someone who wants to retain a piece of history in the city and memorabilia of their time spent at the coliseum.” 

Sales of the original seats with wooden backs are limited to two pairs per person. (David Bajer/CBC)

Buyers who want the original, floor-mounted, wood-back seats will be limited to two pairs.

The history of sports in the arena is likely what will entice people to buy the seats, Brenneis said.

“The Oilers were certainly the main tenant but there’s lacrosse, CFR rodeo, Ice Capades events, lots of Briars, and concerts.”

Some seats have already been sold. About 600 went to the Town of Canmore for its arena redevelopment.

The Oilers Community Foundation has also claimed a limited number of seats for charitable purposes.

With the arena slated to be demolished, any seats not sold will be discarded, Brenneis said.

The city has estimated the demolition will cost between $15 million and $25 million.

The former Northlands Coliseum is slated for demolition. (David Bajer/CBC)

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