Reset and repeal. The first session under a UCP government set to roll

From a freshly-minted opposition to the fallout over the imminent death of the carbon tax, Alberta is preparing to enter a whole new political reality after the long weekend.

After MLAs elect a new speaker, Jason Kenney’s new government will begin its first legislative session.

This week on the Ledge podcast, Kim Trynacity and Michelle Bellefontaine run down the list of new NDP critics and look ahead to just what kind of long, hot, sweaty session it will be.

As Premier Kenney prepares to end the carbon tax May 31, does that mean a federal tax automatically slides in?

Not necessarily.

Premier Jason Kenney’s first legislative session of repeal and reverse is about to begin. Before that he loosens liquor rules with a cold one… and some cheese. 17:15

Last week in Edmonton, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was vague when asked about imposing a carbon tax in Alberta.

MacEwan University professor John Soroski says both Trudeau and Kenney are calculating how to approach the sensitive issue.

NDP opposition leader Rachel Notley is a political veteran heading into the new legislative session. (Kim Trynacity/CBC)

Soroski says it doesn’t serve either to back down from their intransigent positions.

After all, Trudeau goes to the polls in October and he only has four seats in Alberta, so what’s he got to lose, Soroski ponders.

And if you haven’t heard or seen it yet, a folksy, sleeves-up, beer-drinkin’ premier and his trusted sidekick appear in a video touting newly-relaxed liquor laws ahead of the long weekend.

Ah, two guys waxing poetic over a couple of cold ones. It conjures up another pair from a bygone era, who blazed a path for hoser Canadiana.

Are they on to something?

Good day, eh.

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