Stolen puppy, Bandit, up for adoption after search for owner comes up empty

A puppy found in a stolen SUV in St. Albert earlier this month is up for adoption after a search for its owner came up empty.

RCMP discovered the dog in an Audi SUV on Oct. 11, after responding to reports of numerous break-ins in south St. Albert. Officers also found items believed to have been stolen from homes in the area.

The dog’s owner hasn’t come forward, so the eight-week-old husky mix has been staying at the Morinville Veterinary Clinic.

Veterinary practice manager Jayleen Duchscher said clinic staff have given him a fitting name.

“One of the girls actually just mentioned it and said because he was found in a stolen car, what did we all think about Bandit. And we all just thought it was a great idea,” she said.

The puppy hasn’t shown any signs of stress since he was found in the stolen SUV, Duchscher said.

“He’s very friendly and very cuddly,” she said. “He would honestly just want to be held all day.”

She said Bandit’s ideal adoptive family would have a big yard or live on an acreage, as he could become a big dog.

Clinic staff have received eight adoption applications so far and will continue accepting them until Wednesday.

Anyone with information about where the dog may have come from is asked to contact police or Crime Stoppers.

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