Jamie Foxx asks people to support Edmonton charity in social media video

The endorsement of an Oscar-winning actor has given an Edmonton charity a boost as the holiday season approaches. 

Jeff Tetz, of Santa YEG, posted a video featuring Jamie Foxx on Twitter late on Saturday afternoon. 

Tetz said in the few weeks Santa YEG’s Delivering Compassion campaign has been going on, he’s been inspired by strangers offering to help. But since he posted the video with Foxx, he said his “phone has been going off like a strobe light.”

Tetz started Santa YEG three years ago.

The campaign was designed to raise awareness about the social services available to those in need over the holidays. It’s since morphed into a food and clothing drive called Delivering Compassion. 

On Monday, 35 volunteers will be delivering warm clothing and approximately 300 meals to people on the city’s streets and in local shelters. 

Tetz, who was staying at the same hotel as Foxx in Denver, ran into the actor in the gym. After Foxx was done working out, Tetz said he asked if Foxx would do a quick promotional video for Santa YEG. 

“Immediately, he said, ‘Absolutely. Whatever you need. No problem at all,'” Tetz said. 

“As soon as I hit the stop button on the recording, I knew that this thing was going to turn into something,” Tetz said.

“I was so excited on so many levels to promote the city, promote the charity, and ultimately, hopefully, inspire people to get involved and make a difference in some way in the next few months.”

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