Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton Are "Excited" to Have a Little Girl

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton have a baby girl on the way!

The couple confirmed they’re expecting a second child together on the red carpet at the 2017 Emmys in September. A week later, the Walking Dead actor accidentally let it slip that Burton is pregnant with a baby girl during a Supernatural convention in New Jersey.

When asked about having a baby girl at Sunday’s The Walking Dead season eight premiere, the 51-year-old told E! News exclusively that he and Burton are “excited” and gushed this year “can’t get any better.” 

The actor continued, “It’s gonna be a little girl, yeah I already spilled those beans accidentally. So we’re excited about having a little girl.”

Morgan and Burton welcomed their first child Gus in 2010, so what does their son think about having a little sister?

“I think for Gus he’s just hoping that means different toys that the baby will have as opposed to his,” Morgan shared. “And I tried to tell him that, ‘No, whatever you play with that baby’s gonna want.’ But we’re excited.”

See the actor talk about his family in the video above!

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