Sarah Jessica Parker Reflects on Her Favorite Sex and the City Memories

It’s been nearly two decades since Sex and the City premiered, but it doesn’t seem that long ago for Sarah Jessica Parker.

“I think because I live in New York and I’m constantly walking on the streets where we filmed, it doesn’t feel like a distant memory,” Parker told E! News at the AirBnB Experiences Launch in New York. “So, 20 years, I’m not experiencing that feeling of that much time having passed because it’s so alive and active—so many of those street corners. So, no, it’s very hard to believe it’s been that much time.”

When it comes to her favorite memory from the show, the actress didn’t pinpoint just one thing.

“I have just countless, wonderful, very vivid memories,” Parker said. “But I think, in total, the experience of shooting on the streets of New York—places people had never shopped before or rediscovering locations, neighborhoods, streets, mews, alleyways—[and] shooting all night long with people that I really loved, in total, the whole experience is really my favorite.”

The Divorce actress also gave a family update and talked about her kids starting school again this year. The actress, who’s married to actor Matthew Broderick, posted pictures of their twins Marion and Tabitha, 8, and their son James, 14, on their first day of school on Instagram earlier this month.

“So far, everybody is doing really well and making the adjustments,” she said. “My son’s in high school. My daughter changed schools. She left her twin this year. But everybody seems to be really happy, really content enjoying their new academic experiences, really, so far. Every day that they come home and their faces look familiar and happy, I’m happy.”

Parker is even giving a lucky few the chance to have a real Carrie Bradshaw shopping experience through AirBnB. People can buy tickets to shop with Parker at Bloomingdales and then enjoy a night at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts for the New York City Ballet on their own. The proceeds from the experience will benefit the New York City Ballet.

Michael Strahan, Ansel Elgort, Joe Jonas and Cardi B also attended the event.

Watch the video to see Parker’s interview.

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