RIP Northlands: Edmonton mourns, mocks closure of old arena

This mournful image was posted to Reddit with the caption,”RIP Edmonton.” (Northsidechad/Reddit)

Some Edmontonians are wondering if Northlands Coliseum could be slapped on the back of a transport truck and hauled south to Calgary.

It could save the city an estimated $8 million in demolition fees.

The former home of the Edmonton Oilers, replaced as the home ice by the city’s new downtown arena Rogers Place which opened a year ago, will be shuttered for good at the end of year. The announcement from city hall Wednesday triggered a flurry of reaction on social media.

More than one hockey fan suggested that Calgary could make use of the old cement relic, given that the Calgary Flames continue to have their dreams of a new arena denied.

One social-media savvy fan even brought the fanciful idea to life with some impressive video editing techniques.

Check out this video of the Coliseum speeding down the QEII like a wide load. 

We are such generous neighbours. 

While some were ready to ship the big arena south like some old scrap — many more were nostalgic about the old barn, and its place in Oilers history. 

Built in 1974, the arena served as home ice during the team’s heyday. 

It was in that arena that the Edmonton Oilers won four of their five Stanley Cups and where hockey legend Wayne Gretzky shattered longstanding records and set a new standard of hockey superstardom.

It hasn’t been decided whether the arena will be demolished or refurbished. But at the end of the year, the keys will be handed back to the city by Northlands, the non-profit, volunteer organization which has been running the facility for decades.

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