Darnell Nicole Opens Up About Breakup With Reshad Jones: ''I Just Feel Like I Will Never F–king Heal!''

Breaking up is hard to do! 

Darnell Nicole has been very open this season about her split from NFL star Reshad Jones and in this sneak peek clip from Sunday’s episode, she opens up about how she is dealing with life as a single woman. 

The exes share daughter Carson Cree Jones but don’t have much more of a connection beyond co-parenting. “It’s really just, ‘Okay, what day are you going to get her this week?'” Darnell explains to her friend Autumn. “That’s literally all we say to each other each week.”

“In the back of my mind, I’m always going to wonder where I fell short with him,” Darnell reveals. “I don’t know if he’ll ever be okay with like telling me what it was.”

“Even though we’re not together anymore and I’m open to dating, I feel like the way he goes out of his way to hurt me will affect me for years.” Darnell revealed. Even though the best situation for their family is separation, what Darnell really needs is closure. 

“Sometimes I just feel like I will never f–king heal from that s–t,” Darnell shared. “And I’m just going to carry it.”

See the emotional moment in the clip above! 

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