Record-breaking heat expected in Edmonton on Wednesday

It appears Edmonton’s shortest season won’t go down without a fight.

The temperature in the capital region is expected to reach a record-breaking 33 C on Wednesday, according to Environment Canada.

If the forecast is right, the city will shatter a previous record set on the same date in 1998, when the temperature hit 29 C.

Edmonton hasn’t seen temperatures above the 30-C mark since mid-July. The sunny weather is expected to stick around for the weekend, with temperatures forecast to hover in the mid-20s.

Wednesday’s sweltering heat will be accompanied by sunny skies and a summer breeze.

The hot, sultry afternoon may be the perfect opportunity to lounge on Edmonton’s new “accidental beach” or enjoy a cold beer on the patio.

The perfect day for the beach? Edmonton’s new “accidental beach” is the unintentional product of LRT bridge infrastructure and is expected to disappear when the construction is finished. (Nola Keeler/CBC)

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