Josh Peck and Drake Bell Joke About Wedding Snub

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Guys, all’s good; Drake & Josh really are buddies again. And hey, they’ve even laughing about that wedding thing!

The Internet let out a collective gasp in June when it was revealed that Drake Bell was not invited to former Nickelodeon co-star Josh Peck and Paige O’Brien‘s wedding in Malibu. Bell tweeted, “When you’re not invited to the wedding the message is clear….,” “Loyalty is key” and “ALWAYS remember where you came from,” and then deleted the messages.

Bell told E! News in late July, “I kinda shot from the hip. I was like, ‘This is wrong! Why am I finding out about this on social media?’ I just felt like a bummed out brother, just kind of hurt. But it does nothing to our relationship.”

This past Sunday, Bell and Peck reunited at the 2017 MTV VMAs and hugged it out. Peck documented their reunion on his Vlog, which also showed Bell came by his friend David Dobrick‘s house days later. There, the two took part in a mock fight, as seen in a video posted by Dobrick.

“Wedding looked like it sucked anyway,” Bell said.

“Oh, f–k you!” Peck replied.

“F–k me? You know what, Mom never even liked you!” Bell joked.

“She’s not our mom—we’re not on a TV show!” Peck said.

The two are later seen goofing around with friends.

“Megan sucks, right?” one of them asks them as they pose for photos, referring to Miranda Cosgrove‘s character on their show, which ended its four-season run 10 years ago.

“Yes,” Peck jokes.

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