JoAnna Garcia Swisher Has an "Out of Body Experience" With Tyler Henry on Hollywood Medium: Watch the Emotional Clip!

Things are going to get intense! 

JoAnna Garcia Swisher has a shocking reading with Tyler Henry on tonight’s Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry. “There is a strong emphasis between this man and this woman, and they come through as a single unit,” Tyler reveals in this sneak peek.

“Usually it means that these two people would have been so close in life that their relationship and the way that they would come through would be like one person,” Tyler shares. “This is going to get emotional,” JoAnna’s husband Nick Swisher explains while watching in the other room. 

“I just am having an out of body experience. I can’t believe…” JoAnna explains before breaking down in tears. “I want you to know that they’re both coming through totally at ease and completely calm. That’s usually people’s priority, so please know that,” Tyler reassures the actress. 

“Hector and Debbie. They were very close family friends, and their son is like my brother,” JoAnna explains. “Really quickly, do you know who they were giving money to, because this is so weird,” Tyler says to a shocked JoAnna.

But before she can answer, he has lots more for the star. “Oh this is so frustrating. They would have been loaning or giving to some extent, like, money. The feeling is this person keeps taking and taking and taking, and they do not know when to stop taking this money,” Tyler reveals. 

“I feel like there is just not a sense of full resolve with this person. It had to have been for so much more than just money,” Tyler shares. “They’re just bringing up this very toxic person. This person was very manipulative and knew exactly what to say and how to say it to get these things.”   

Catch the shocking reveal in the clip above! 

Watch the season premiere of Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry Sunday May 21 at 10e|7p only on E!

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